Special Students

Admission Announcement for enrollment in isolated subjects as a special student are published at the PPGEC-So website according to the availability of placements offered by the professors responsible for the subject.

The analysis of the documents submitted and the acceptance of the applicant will follow the criteria of the professor responsible for the subject, and the enrollment may be accepted or dismissed.

To apply as a special student, the candidates must be enrolled as a regular student in another Graduate Program or first study PPGECO 110 - Mathematical Methods Applied to Economics offered by PPGEc-So in the months of January or February of each year.


The opportunity to attend subjects as a special student aims to meet those candidates who present not only interest, but, above all, evidence of potential to follow the progress of the subject.

The candidate should be aware that attending special subjects does not imply future acceptance to become a regular student. The admission process of regular students of the program is only through the National Examination promoted by the National Association of Graduate Centers in Economics (ANPEC).